5% Nicotine

5500 Puffs


Escape to a tropical paradise with the IGET HOT CLASSIC TOBACCO 5500 PUFF, brought to you by KickBackCloud.

Introducing iGet Hot 5500 in the Classic Tobacco flavor! Immerse yourself in the timeless essence of rich, robust tobacco. iGet Hot 5500 Classic Tobacco Flavor is designed for those who appreciate the traditional and comforting taste of tobacco, providing a familiar and satisfying experience. Whether you’re looking for a break from the ordinary or a reminder of the classic, iGet Hot 5500 Classic Tobacco offers a smooth and authentic tobacco flavor for your enjoyment. Unwind and savor the classic taste with iGet Hot 5500.

Therefore, enjoy the blend of classic tobacco flavours in a smooth, moreover experience a satisfying vaping experience at home or on the go.


  • 1 x IGET HOT disposable vape
  • NET WEIGHT: 65g
  • Up to 5500+ Puffs per disposable vape
  • High-Grade Aluminium, Sleek, and Portable

Therefore, designed for adults over 18, the IGET HOT 5500 PUFFS vapes gives you a satisfying vaping experience, moreover, transporting you to a sandy beach or sunny retreat. Before using the vape, make sure to consult a healthcare professional.

Finally, featuring the classic tobacco flavour of the IGET HOT 5500 PUFFS vape aims to make vaping easier for users.

Get into the tropical vaping journey with KickBackCloud‘s IGET HOT 5500 PUFF.



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