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IGET Bar Strawberry Lychee Ice 3500 PUFF


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What’s In Your IGET Bar Strawberry Lychee Ice 3500 PUFF









Say hello to the IGET Bar Strawberry Lychee Ice! This easy vape wins hearts for its yummy mix of flavors. Look at its plus points:

  • 5% nicotine mix
  • 12mL juice space
  • 1500mAh ready battery
  • These perks promise you’ll get over 3500 puffs of yummy flavors.

The IGET Vape brings a strawberry lychee minty flavor. This flavor refreshes your taste buds and makes you want more every time.

What makes IGET Bar Strawberry Lychee Ice stand out is its simplicity. Just open it, take out the plastic tab, and start vaping. You just need to inhale to use it.

In short, the IGET BAR is a joy for those who want an easy, yummy vape time. Get your IGET products today and enjoy the freshness of strawberry lychee ice!

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1 review for IGET Bar Strawberry Lychee Ice 3500 PUFF

  1. Troy Cutayar

    Don’t worry, this vape is a flavor beast! The subtleties in different e-juices really shine through, and the build quality is impressive; it’s a joy to use every time.

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