Al Fakher 30ml Lemon Passionfruit


5% Nicotine


Introducing Al Fakher 30ml Lemon Passionfruit – a zesty and exotic escape for your senses. Immerse yourself in the bright tang of lemon and the tropical allure of passionfruit with every inhale. From the first puff, a burst of vibrant aromas sweeps you away to a sun-soaked paradise, where orchards meet the lush tropics. The flavor dances between the zesty notes of lemon and the indulgent sweetness of passionfruit, creating a harmonious symphony that tantalizes your palate. Whether you’re an adventurer or a flavor enthusiast, the Al Fakher 30ml Lemon Passionfruit is a must-try, offering an exhilarating journey through citrus groves and tropical havens that leaves you refreshed and captivated.

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